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Boost It: Rethinking Our Approach to Production and Consumption

During the challenging times of the Covid-19 pandemic, there was a strong call for us to support local products, adopt circular economies, and make mindful choices when shopping. However, even now, when we go shopping in our local supermarkets, imported products continue to take up most of the shelf space.

At Aryze, we’ve embarked on a profound journey over the years, reimagining the stance of our brands in the context of global issues, as well as our commitment to consumers and the planet. We’ve taken decisive steps to significantly reduce the sugar content in our Mauritian-made products, minimize our environmental footprint through recyclable packaging, among other eco-conscious initiatives, and thoughtfully curate our sources of supply.

Today, we take another momentous step forward. We proudly unveil Boost It, the inaugural 100% Natural Mauritian juice made from locally sourced vegetables. We’ve partnered directly with local farmers cultivating vegetables and herbs sustainably, the essential components of the Boost It range. No added sugars or chemical additives find their way into our concoctions.

Each of the three blends in the Boost It collection has been meticulously crafted for their health benefits. The star of Body Love, beetroot, is brimming with folates, a vital vitamin for growth, organ development, and cardiovascular well-being. Energize Me’s carrots are a mineral trove, rich in potassium and vitamin A. Super Green boasts moringa (mouroum), a superfood packed with more protein than yogurt, more calcium than milk, more iron than spinach, and more vitamin C than oranges.

We’ve infused each of these blends with medicinal and wellness herbs like thyme, mint, and rosemary, coupled with 100% natural fruit juice for flavor and an energy boost. Boost It is the culmination of extensive research and development—a health-conscious, well-being product conceived by Mauritians for Mauritians.

Boost It bears the prestigious Made in Moris label, is Halal certified, and features recyclable packaging designed to minimize its footprint in waste bins. Its carbon footprint is significantly lower than other products in its category currently available on the market, actively contributing to the emergence of a circular economy for the benefit of all.

With the introduction of such products, we aim to lead by example, championing a fresh mindset and responsible consumption.